Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting Ready for a Knitting Retreat with Arnhild!

In preparation for a knitting retreat with a Norwegian knitter, Arnhild Hillesland, I decided to make lefse.  Lefse is a traditional norwegian food that is very adaptable to most meals - as a bread or as a snack with butter, sugar, and cinnamon.  It's very much like a tortilla but made with riced potatoes.

I remember eating lunch in a restaurant in Decorah Iowa where they served a breakfast sausage wrapped in lefse and topped with ligonberries.  Very memorable!  So one of the breakfasts I serve next weekend will be a replicate of that meal.  

The first photo is of the dough mixture rolled out.
 This second photo has three lefse on the grill in three various stages.  You can see I need more practice making them round.  Nevertheless, they taste the same whether they're round or not.
The weekend will start out with a smorgasbord with several courses of Scandanavian delicacies.  Just to be clear, being the norwegian I am, I like lutefisk but I will wait to serve it with others who will join me.  I also don't want the odor of the fish to linger all weekend!

Saturday and Sunday are day-long knitting classes.  Austrian Cables and Reversible Knitting in two colors.  If you are interested in joining the groups, it's not too late.  Just a few openings left.